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Side Effects from Killing Time
The day Time died, nobody noticed. Nor did they notice the second day--after all, happenings and memories kept lining up, one after the other; the Earth kept spinning, clockwork kept turning, precision measurements with nothing left to measure.
I knew, of course. I had always known, although perhaps I had only always known after the moment when I understood for the first time.
I suppose I thought it would be momentous? I thought, perhaps, the stars would sizzle and spark and wink out into a sea of black, or that perhaps the seas would freeze or boil over and all hell would break loose, the past and future colliding in some kind of horrific entanglement. At least, I mused at Time, there ought to be a glint of light on a quick-flicked knife and blood on my hands for the rest of my life. A poet. I fancied myself a poet.
But there was nothing to mark his death beyond the tinkle of glass on carpet.
I shut the door softly on my way out.
It was such a quick and simple thing, and now what was
:iconlucy-merriman:Lucy-Merriman 6 17
11 3
i've been sitting under
the same tree for days and now
the leaves are leaving and now
the bark is peeling and
is this what they talk about
when the sparks all flicker
i've been stoned enough
times to be called a martyr and
my mind's been getting hazy
how do they expect me to answer
all these prayers?
i'm not a saint, i've just got
no grasp on sin.
:iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 412 48
Kind act by Waldemar-Kazak Kind act :iconwaldemar-kazak:Waldemar-Kazak 5,498 212 Jungle Book by WolfRoad Jungle Book :iconwolfroad:WolfRoad 1,094 87
It Has Come To My Attention
It has come to my attention
that people like me
are generally not welcome in fairy tales.
It's the talking birds that do it.
The minute a sparrow shows up to pipe a direful warning
it's all over
down at the first hurdle
The body in the fifty-fathom well
will have to wait
the old woman turned into a hare
the murdered mother in the juniper tree
as I whip out my Sibley guide and look for the entry
with the fieldmark labeled capable of human speech.
For this crime
I have been accused of a failure of wonder
of having chained up my inner child and sent her
to work in the salt mines.
But the truth
(if you really want to know)
is that I have read too many fairy tales
and lived a bit too long
to be surprised by anything that happens in
the cottages of lonely woodcutters.
I can even venture a guess
to why the bear speaks with the voice of a maiden
(my heart goes out to her)
and why, when the animal has saved your life,
you will be required to make a harp out of its bones.
These are o
:iconursulav:ursulav 590 115
flamenco by aartvocado flamenco :iconaartvocado:aartvocado 750 76 port by artbybin port :iconartbybin:artbybin 3,375 138 Swinging in the clouds by irishcompass Swinging in the clouds :iconirishcompass:irishcompass 2,293 309 The Secret Place by crilleb50 The Secret Place :iconcrilleb50:crilleb50 1,678 299 stripey sepia by Novawuff stripey sepia :iconnovawuff:Novawuff 2,325 161 I Light my own Way by Novawuff I Light my own Way :iconnovawuff:Novawuff 4,244 196 Abbey Light by Eukendei Abbey Light :iconeukendei:Eukendei 1,659 243
A Constellation of Scars
only long-term lovers take the time
to ponder the origins of marks on skin
the first thing I notice are her scars:
she's a wandering tomboy
with more cuts and scrapes
than a hardbody Buick in an action film
but she's never been broken
I chart them as she sleeps so I can write poems later
these fingertips can still recall them
the way surgeons never have nightmares
about patients they save
but they're haunted by the faces they lost
she says she wears her scars like a constellation
I chart them like Galileo
trying to map her ancestry
circumnavigating her body as if Magellan
hired me as helmsman
and only I can get us safely home
every scar has a story
the way men who ink themselves
on every square inch
from big toe to eyebrow
can name the tattoo artist
and heartbreak behind each symbol
if she let you close enough to nap with an ear on her chest
you could hear the heartbreaking discord
as her mother's violin and father's oboe
played so selfishly
they forgot they had a daughter in the orche
:iconfoxthepoet:foxthepoet 329 53
Tea for Two
I observed her fragile corpse upon the cemetery seat, looking to and fro like a lost pigeon. She blinked her watery green eyes at me just once as I approached, then let them oggle wide.
"Madam," said I, "have you any need of assistance?"
A soft moan echoed back across the dying rhododendrons.
"Are you tired? Lost?" A quick glance at her spittle-slathered chops. "Hungry?"
She nodded vigorously and a bit of froth flew loose to stick upon a nearby leaf. I watched as it slowly slid its way to the very tip and plopped with a light "thwack" upon the freshly upturned soil.
"Er, there ought to be a dead squirrel or two out back by the fence. I imagine Mortimer left something, he's always forgetting what he's doing and scampering off, you know how those crazy groundskeepers can be . . ."
She made a sound a bit like the braying of a hound.
"Perhaps you don't. Anyhow, come along."
When dealing with the dead, it's best to be polite. I suppose I would be anyhow, though, I can't help it. It's simply
:iconorphicfiddler:orphicfiddler 258 146
renfairstock_piratemansitting by PilgrimSoul renfairstock_piratemansitting :iconpilgrimsoul:PilgrimSoul 535 40



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Rumours don't start from nothing and religion is a worldwide phenomenon, but I've chosen to believe in the stars and my imagination.

Current Residence: Edmonton, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Anything really


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